August 14, 2006

What's new with DL IBUS1 Fall06?


The good news: Most of the course is new and has been under development since February. The changes that had been made ar ebased on quantitative analysis of Distance Learning research, my own evaluation of over 100 DL sites and my own survey of 50 college student's experience with DL courses. The publisher's new edition has expanded student support, while not easy to get to, is quite helpful.

My 1st objective is to make the site easy to navigate during the semester. After we get oriented, everything will be directed from the calender page. Links from the calender page make it easier for you to find critical information. The 2nd objective is to create a sense of community among the participants - we will use Yahoo Groups as the primary medium and the Class Project, Forums and Polls as the primary vehicles.

While I have taught several courses, UCR, CSUF, CSULB before this course on LBCC's campus this Spring, my strengths lie in my international business experieince. I have attached my teaching philosphy to give you some idea of my thought process. After we get organized, I will share my most recenbt student evaluations to hopefully help ease any anxiety. This course will be operated more like a new business than the traditional academic setting. The typical academic standards are the same, however, the way we meet them might be a little different.

While we are getting oriented the 1st 2 weeks, we will cover Chapter One to give some background on the technical material. The 2nd week we will jump to Chapter 20, Human Resources, since we have to put our business organization together to establish initial objectives and roles. Remember, organizations, and their members, need to be able to adjust to environmental factors, roles change, including mine.. I will cover this more once we get rolling.

My responsibility as instructor of IBUS1 Fall 06: That the requirements of LBCC are met relative to conduct, participation, grading and reporting..

My role as Steward of IBUS1 Fall 06 Business Unit: Stewardship offers a model of partnership: distributing the power of choice and resources to each individual in an organization.

Basic Tenents of Stewardship
Some of the basic tenets of stewardship, as defined by Peter Block,

Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self-Interest
by Peter Block
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., San Francisco 1993

Leadership Redefined . . . Stewardship Reclaimed

Everyone is responsible for outcomes.

"It is my belief that an environment that
fosters effective levels of creativity,
autonomy, cohesion among colleagues
and discipline that promotes responsibility
is the most productive for creating and
sustaining superior performance."

James A. Mucci

The bad news: Publisher just released some of the material in August. Recently gained access to the LBCC server to upload all new pages. Links from the calender take time so we are behind with the later chapters. The video development is quite time consumming (The welcome video took over 40 man hours). Account User Names & Passwords changing. Seems like there are hundreds of new procedures for a new instructor (me) and they are all related - no cliff notes available either.

I will need your patience the 1st couple of weeks while we get everything uploaded and we are all finding our bearing. Due dates will be extaned the 1st couple of weeks to give everyone a chance to get a textboook and get organized with your classess. Those that can get a good jump on the material, great, however, I want to be reasonable for those that need at little more time to get up to speed ( I don't mean Thanksgiving)

As you are using the site, since it is new, please report any typo's, spelling, grammar, etc to me so I can make the corrections.



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